We’re going to have the best type of affair in Taiwan – not a cardinal sin of the flesh but rather, a plant-based kind! Since it’s inception in 2012, It’s A Vegan Affair promotes regular community plant-based oriented activities and meetups. We want new friends to get together and share or try out exciting vegan recipes with a focus on understanding the local offerings in Taiwan.

我們會舉辦台灣當地最棒的聚會,不享用殺生得來的肉食,只強調純素的美食佳餚。自2012 年創立以來,“It’s A Vegan Affair” 就志於提倡固定舉辦的社團純素聚會活動。我們希望讓大家認識新朋友,並分享或一起發現台灣當地的有趣純素菜單。


Most of our past close to 50 get-togethers are home-cooked potlucks alternatively hosted in different people’s dinner tables. We also dine together in delicious eateries throughout the city. Our events are open to everyone from all nationalities. We believe in community bonding over food, sharing, and making plant-based meals affordable and accessible. Whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan, let’s make something positive happen.



It’s A Vegan Affair also wants to make the world a happier place through awareness and fundraising events. We have selected to partner up with two local charities Bright Side Projects and Mary’s Doggies for our future causes. Mary’s Doggies rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes stray dogs and Bright Side Projects highlights the benefits of and provides plant-based meals to youth and adults in in Taiwan.

It’s A Vegan Affair 也透過不同關注與募款活動來促進更美好的社會;我們和兩個台灣當地團體合作:臺灣嚮光協會和台灣瑪莉愛狗協會,以便持續實踐我們的理想。台灣動物協會協助流浪動物的安置,臺灣嚮光協會則宣導並提供台灣當地男女老少的純素餐點。


Anyone interested in this journey is welcomed to post up recommendations and push continuously for an organic and sustainable way of living, aided by others in the community.  See you at vegan restaurants, cafes, or at your dinner table!