🕛 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm 🕔
🔥 毛小孩與聖誕老公公的拍照派對 🔥

時間:12:00-5:00 pm
地點:Triangle(花博公園內MAJI 集食行樂,近圓山捷運站)
現場DJ陪您和毛孩們一起跟著音樂搖擺,享受美味的純素點心,還能跟聖誕老人來張絕佳合照!最棒的是您的捐款將用來幫助Mary’s Doggies!


為了純素狂歡派對,我們準備了限定聖誕版本的台北純素地圖,只有50份! 前50位朋友跟Santa Paws拍照可以取喔!

Bright Side Projects 將會帶來裝飾薑餅人的親子活動(限量供應)
**活動皆由It’s a Vegan Affair統籌。友愛地球環境!我們不提供一次性包裝食器,呼籲來參加活動的朋友們自行攜帶餐具與容器。

了解更多 Tell me more!

由專業攝影師Duncan Longden掌鏡,12月10日(星期天)也會在MAJI SQUARE TRIANGE活動現場設置照相亭。請帶著您的狗狗和貓咪一起來參加,捐款新台幣500元以上,就可以獲得一張您和寵物與聖誕老人的相片(或者寵物和聖誕老人的相片),也能一次有多隻寵物一起入鏡喔!相片會於一週後修好並且郵寄回給您,當作您聖誕節的禮物。所有募得的款項會全數捐給台Mary’s Doggies。

相片拍攝完的一週後就會修片完畢並且寄到您提供的地址唷! 這是任何家庭都很適合的完美聖誕禮物!

為了讓您更能感受聖誕氣氛,當天還邀請到DJ Marcus Aurelius為您帶來美好的聖誕音樂,請盡情展現您美妙的舞姿吧!不管是機械舞或是80年代的復古漫步都行。


Plants, Ooh Cha Cha, Paula Perry‘s Brownies, and Oye Punjabi 哦耶!旁遮普 Indian Restaurant  特地為這場派對帶來超好吃的純素美食。
Bright Side Projects在慈善捐助的前提下,精心策畫了裝飾薑餅人等親子同樂的活動。

活動當日飲品與純素攤位之義賣所得的10%將全數捐出,幫助台灣瑪莉愛狗協會,Mary’s Doggies和Bright Side Projects。

本次活動由It’s a Vegan Affair統籌

平面設計:April Lala


 🕛 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm 🕔
🔥 Santa Paws Photo Party 🔥


12:00 – 5:00 pm @ Triangle (MAJI Square YuanShan MRT) you can boogie down to a live DJ, grab delicious vegan food, and take an amazing photo with your furry friends with Santa to benefit Mary’s Doggies!

We will have 50 copies of the newest It’s a Vegan Affair Taipei Map, in a very special Limited Christmas Edition made just for the Holiday Bash events! First 50 people to take a photo with Santa Paws gets a free map!

More Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1757142491253730/

** Arrive early before all the food is sold out!
** Note all events supported by Vegan Affair urge participants to bring their own containers and eating utensils whenever possible- love the planet!


Professional photographer Duncan Longden will have a photo booth set up at Maji Square’s TRIANGLE on Sunday December 10.  Bring your dogs (or cats, goldfish, chickens) make a minimum donation of NT$500 and get a photo of you and your pet with Santa (or just your pet and Santa)! Multiple furry friends allowed! Special furry guests will also make an appearance from Mary’s Doggies you can take pics with.

Within one week, photos will be edited and sent to the addresses provided on the forms as an early Christmas present. All of the money from the photos will go to Mary’s Doggies.

To get you in the mood, Christmas tunes will be played all day long by DJ Marcus Aurelius. Show us your dance moves especially if it’s the Robot or the running man. If you want to sit this dance out we will also have plenty of hot wines, apple cider, beers, and sinful plant-based finger foods waiting for you: nacho bowls, samosas, gingerbread, delectable whipped cream chocolate topped brownies

Plants, Ooh Cha Cha, Paula Perry‘s Brownies, and Oye Punjabi 哦耶!旁遮普 Indian Restaurant will be providing delicious vegan food. Bright Side Projects will feature donation based kid and family friendly activities such as gingerbread cookie decoration.

Drinks and delicious vegan food and a percentage of the profits that day will go to Mary’s Doggies  and Bright Side Projects

Illustration: April LaLa