It’s A Vegan Affair很開心受到RUNIVORE 的邀請,我們將一起同樂於丹尼一日音樂節:愛與和平世界紀念 我們將使用RUNIVORE 高品質的奇亞子來製造烘培系列的商品,活動當天我們將以限量的方式進行慈善銷售, 全部的收益我們將捐贈至台灣動物協會、臺灣嚮光協會!

地點:臺北市客家文化主題公園 / 100臺北市中正區汀州路三段2號  (台電大樓捷運)RUNIVORE攤位
日期/時間:2015年9月26日(六)14:00~20:00 。奇亞子來製造烘培系列的商品限量,可能提早收攤,會到售完為止。希望愛純素烘培的朋友可以提早來找我們!

We are so excited that RUNIVORE invited “It’s A Vegan Affair” to join them at the Daniel Pearl Day of Music this year! Runivore’s high quality chia seeds will be featured specially created and baked plant-based goods. These delicious desserts are in limited quantity for charity sale the day of! All proceeds to benefit Animals Taiwan and Bright Side Projects.

Location: Hakka Cultural Park @ the Runivore booth, located at #2 Tingzhou Road Section 3 (Taipower MRT) Date/Time: September 26th, 2015 / 2:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm. Items are made in limited quantities so get there early! Once it’s gone it’s gone!

Chia Blueberry Bread 奇亞籽藍莓麵包

 Coconut Banana Cake 椰子香蕉但糕

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake 巧克力起司但糕

Chia Blueberry Jam Oat Squares 奇亞子藍莓醬麥片方塊

Peanut Butter Granola Bars 花生醬麥片棒



Please note that some of the images above (which will link to their respective owners) are used as references. Note that sample images may slightly differ from the aesthetics of the item for sale the day of.