Taipei’s first foray into the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale was a smashing success, exceeding all expectations, raising $126,906 NT / $4,111 USD in total sales and donations. The proceeds will be split evenly and go onto benefit Animals Taiwan and Bright Side Projects so they will be able to engage in more good deeds at the local community level. Thanks to all who lined up despite the rain! (Scroll below for more info and images)

2015年5月24日台北純素烘焙展營業報告台北首場世界素食烘焙快閃銷售活動非常成功,包含義賣收入和捐款,我們募集到了超越大家預期的新台幣126,906元。募款所得會平均捐給台灣動物協會和臺灣嚮光協會,讓這兩個單位能繼續致力回饋並服務社區。這只是一個簡單的烘焙義賣想法,我們一開始只是想召集幾位家庭烘焙師一起參加,後來活動像雪球般越滾越大。我們真的很幸運能使用中西美食餐廳提供的免費而且又能遮陽遮雨的場地,中西美食一直都是強力支持台灣動物協會的單位。而Fresh Bakery & Café也無償讓我們使用店裡的烤箱很多天。這兩個餐廳都很慷慨的提供場地讓我們能使用廚房,我們才能把手邊的新鮮食材製作成美味又價格合理的美食與大家分享。


這次活動我們花了好多時間協調、收集食材、創立網站、設計海報、摸彩、募款、贊助、運送、尋找非塑料材質的包材、廣播宣傳、印刷、電視宣傳,下次的活動我們希望能邀請有專案管理經驗的人才加入籌備活動工作。我們也需要有烘焙熱忱並有經驗的烘焙師,幫忙我們在短時間內製作出許多高品質的美食。您能直接聯絡協會或者註冊純素烘焙義賣網站會員得到最新的烘焙義賣活動訊息: https://goo.gl/r1VStc,還有其他相關的純素烘焙活動訊息 http://veganaffair.tw 。如果以上感謝函遺漏了您的名字,請寫Email veganaffair.tw@gmail.com 聯絡我們更正,並先在這邊跟您說聲抱歉。更多照片: https://goo.gl/FFpoI5

This was a simple bake sale idea that would have the help of a few home bakers that snowballed into something very large. We were very fortunate to have the use of free space of a rain covered venue thanks to Grandma Nitti’s, who have continuously been a strong supporter for Animals Taiwan in the past. Fresh Bakery & Café also allotted us the use of their bakery and ovens on numerous days. Both places generously contributed to fulfilling many items on our ingredients list so that the items we baked and sold could be affordable to many. We were very fortunate to have some of Taipei’s top vegan eateries sponsor their gourmet-baked items, and also home bakers who are vegan or decided to give dairy and egg free baking a shot. Approximately 35% of our sales were thanks to these wonderful plant-based items from supporters who took the time to bake and have their masterpieces featured at our event.

We were stunned at the support and interest from the local Taiwanese community in the baked vegan goods. The world is a little bit brighter thanks to all of you.As we have mentioned earlier, this is the first time to organize a bake sale so we are so grateful for your support and understanding in any small discrepancies or misunderstandings that might have occurred. It was really hard work but we know that you agree with us despite it all, for the sake of being able to support charities with wonderful causes, it was worth it. If there is a next event, we will do better.

The amount of time taking into coordinating the event and obtaining ingredients, website creation, poster design, raffles, fundraising, sponsorship, deliveries, sourcing non-plastic packaging, and promotion that ranged from radio, print, to television, and if there is a next time we would love for some people to get involved in the facilitation that have project management experience. We also need passionate bakers that stress on high quality goods with the ability and time to turnover a high output of quality baked goods under a very short amount of time.

You can contact us or sign up at https://goo.gl/r1VStc for notifications about our future bake sale and other vegan related affairs at http://veganaffair.tw If I happened to miss crediting anyone, please do contact me at veganaffair.tw@gmail.com and accept my apologies in advance! For more images please check:  https://goo.gl/FFpoI5


Paula Perry: fudge and macadamnia brownies, blueberry muffins (regular and low sugar), crunchy white sugar and brown sugar chocolate chip cookies, crunchy macadamia chocolate chip cookies
Josette Penzel: banana walnut and banana chocolate chip breads, crunch chocolate chip cookies and crunchy macadamia chococlate chip cookies, funfettis
Sara Chien: Apple cinnamon buns
Kataynna Jantzen: chai snickerdoodles
Amelia Easten: peanut butter banana cookies, soft chocolate chip cookies, soft macadamia chocolate chip cookies
Tiiu Lausmaa: oatmeal raisin cookies / soft chocolate chip cookies
Kim Phillips: Doggy treats

Thanks to Paula Perry and Josette Penzel for going above and beyond to bake after the 5/24 sale so we could fulfill our remaining pre-orders. The highest complimented items that include the macadamia brownies and banana breads were created by these two amazing people! Josette was also the one who mentioned the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. Without her, we would have never started!

Paula Perry : 巧克力脆片餅乾 ((脆)紅糖及白糖), 巧克力夏威夷豆餅乾 (脆), 夏威夷豆布朗尼, . 藍莓瑪芬 (少糖及正常)
Josette Penzel: 五彩米芳菲蒂布朗迪, 香蕉核桃蛋糕, 香蕉巧克力脆片蛋糕, 巧克力脆片餅乾 (脆) , 巧克力夏威夷豆餅乾(脆)
Sara Chien: 蘋果肉桂麵包
Kataynna Jantzen: 印度香料肉桂餅乾
Amelia Easten: 香蕉花生醬餅乾, 巧克力脆片軟餅乾 , 巧克力夏威夷豆軟餅乾Tiiu Lausmaa: 燕麥葡萄乾餅乾
Kim Phillips: 狗狗餅乾

感謝Paula Perry和Josette Penzel在5月24日活動之後還幫忙我們作出更多應付預購訂單的烘焙美食。本次最受好評的產品是夏威夷豆布朗尼和香蕉蛋糕,這兩項產品都是由這兩位非常傑出的烘焙師創作的唷。5/24將舉辦素食烘焙義賣. 社團成員-Josette提議這次的世界素食烘焙義賣活動!


Special thanks to Sara Chien and Jed Chen for taking several days to assist with logistics in ingredients, pre-orders, pickups, packing, sourcing packaging, setting up and cleaning of the venue after the event. Long time supporters Rufen Cheng, Sophie Hsu, August Armbrister, Mohan Huang, and our trusty photographer Starry Cheng. Credit to Yoshi Zon for his images and set up of event. LongLong for usages of her bakery graphics, including the sad cookie. Banner credit Grace Hsu. Also those who believed in us from the onset and sent in their pre-orders, especially the biggest orders from long time Bright Side Projects supporters and founding members Yuting Hung, Tina Chen, and Eliza Wang.

Thanks to all our volunteers (Nadine 林政妤, 張桂綿, 蔡依玲, Jennifer Lin, Catana, Ariel Shan, 汪劭純) who came for baking and packing the night before and all those who showed up at the event and tried to help the best they could!

特別感謝Sara Chien和Jed Chien連續好幾天幫助我們運送食材、處理預購訂單、收貨、包裝、尋找包材、布置場地和整理活動完畢場地。也感謝長期支持協會的Rufen Cheng、Sophie Hsu, August Armbrister, 黃亞中,以及可靠的攝影師Starry Cheng。Yoshi Zon提供我們圖像設計作為場地佈置,還有LongLong借我們烘焙美食圖畫, 現場活動布條感謝GRACE HSU幫我們設計。以及信任我們並下預購單的朋友們,還得特別謝謝台灣嚮光協會的支持者和募款成員Yuting Hung, Tina Chen和 Eliza Wang,他們下了一張非常大的預購訂單。

還有感謝所有來幫忙我們烘焙、包裝的志工,還有活動前一晚前來緊急支援的志工朋友們; Nadine 林政妤, 張桂綿, 蔡依玲, Jennifer Lin, Catana, Ariel Shan, 汪劭純。


Thanks to restaurants, cafes, and bakers that helped us achieve approximately 35% of the sales the day of: Fresh Bakery & Café, NakedFood, Ooh Cha Cha, Soul R Vegan, Mianto, Miss Green, Green Bakery, Cakelangelo, Patience Hsu, Mei Mei, 31Heaven Bakery Square 友善小烘坊, Aryne Hannah Hornsby, and others.

Sponsors of vouchers for our raffle Bio At Peace Cafe, Runivore, About Animals, Soul R Vegan, Ooh Cha Cha, Mianto, Joy Bar

Donations from the following either for ingredients, or that went to the event itself: August Armbrister, Tara Cameron, Sue Hollow, Lilian Lim, Anonymous (JY), 31Heaven Bakery Square 友善小烘坊, Fresh Bakery & Café, Grandma Nitti’s Kitchen, A Well Fed World.

Grateful for the backing of A Well-Fed World for covering the expenses for portion of our ingredients, as well as promotional collateral so that more people could know about the vegan event. We had a great write-up in the Taipei Times as well by Dana Ter!


感謝這些餐廳、咖啡館和烘焙師合力幫我們完成約35%的義賣產品。新鮮烘培坊Fresh Bakery & Café ,NakedFood 裸食私廚, SOUL R VEGAN 靈魂餐廳,Ooh Cha Cha 自然食, Mianto 米愛多,Green Bakery 綠帶純植物烘, Miss Green, Cakelangelo, Patience Hsu, Mei Mei, 31Heaven Bakery Square 友善小烘坊, Aryne Hannah Hornsby, 等等

感謝贊助摸彩券的: Bio Peace Vegan Hut 愛在蔬食餐廳Runivore , 動物誌 About AnimalsSoul R. Vegan Café 靈魂餐廳 , Ooh Cha Cha 自然食 , Mianto 米愛多 喜悅吧 Joy Bar

感謝以下贊助食材、還有到活動現場幫忙的好朋友:August Armbrister, Tara Cameron, Sue Hollow, Lilian Lim, Anonymous (JY), 31Heaven Bakery Square-友善小烘坊Fresh Bakery & Cafe Taipei, Grandma Nitti’s Kitchen/中西美食, A Well Fed World. 特別感謝A Well Fed World的支持,贊助我們購買食材的部份支出,同時也幫我們宣傳純素烘焙義賣活動,讓更多朋友知道我們的活動。