In 2015-2017, YOU raised this amount for charity! 2015-2016 年我們一起為了公益團體募款的金額!

Vegan Affair邀請您在這充滿分享與感謝的聖誕佳節,繼續為愛而吃,為愛歡聚!請準備好參加今年最熱力全開的聖誕慈善派對!在12/10這天,務必空著你的肚子,一起來跟著我們吃吃喝喝,歡天動地吧!

Vegan Affair invites you to to give back this holiday season by continuing to eat for love and party for love! Get ready for the hottest Christmas party of the year for charity on 12/10 – hot enough to melt snow so clear your calendars, clear your bellies!

感謝大家在520 跟我們共享陽光、美食和歡笑聲。我們今年低或明年見!

This amazing event when community comes together may currently be just once or twice a year but remember you can spread compassion and Eat for Love every single meal and every single day. Sign up  ( )for more info to be notified on our fun and delicious Winter Wonderland Gathering this December! Read more on 520 :

Photography: 蕭賀韶 | Haichen Hsu | Daisy Lin

在大家的伴熱情支持下,「520 為愛而吃 」純素公益市集大成功!我們活動募款總金額是新台幣162,944元整,這筆善款並將捐款用於關懷 Brightside Project 以及 Mary’s Doggies。



What a successful event with over 40 vendors/bakeries from the bake sale to benefit local charities! So many vendors first debuted their booths at our event making it the first for so many to come together alongside with delicious baked good donations in what we hope is just the first of Taiwan’s first vegan food festival!  Just on our end of baking brownies, cookies, and banana breads, we have cut the use of over 207 eggs, 13KG of butter.

In line with our events for the past three years, not only do we provide more options but also becoming more environmentally friendly. Many vendors respected our wishes to provide options for consumers and we also set up a rental utensils station at our information booth. Our family friendly Bright Side Projects Gazebo and a visit from Mary and Mary’s Doggies was a huge hit and we have so much more ideas for interactive and fun events in the future. Bringing the community together for compassion – this is what veganism also encompasses!

Our latest 2017 Taipei Plant-Based Yums Map! Thanks to Haichen – grab it by the end of June at one of our fantastic partners below!
感謝Haichen Hsu, 我們的插畫設計師, 最新版本的台北純素地圖誕生了, 記錄了30個精挑細選後才決定的地點! 有分中文和英文的版本。我們6月底會提供非常限量的印刷版中英雙面地圖在下列地點:

Ooh Cha Cha, , Mianto  艾果豐,  純素天堂 Vegan Heaven布拉德施維根廚房 Brother Su Vegan KitchenPlantsVegeTable café & dining   蔬桌Soul R. Vegan Café 靈魂餐廳GREEN BAKERY 綠帶純植物烘焙, URBN Culture, 潔暘 Vegan Taipei, Canteen by Plants, 貝多蕾納 Blossom Rena Vegan Cafe, Kaya Kaya CafeNice Cream,感咖啡 MyDesy Coffee

請大家多多支持這些餐廳! 他們在之前的 #520為愛而吃 都非常慷慨大方的給予我們許多協助!

Illustration: Haichen Hsu


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520 為愛而吃!一年一度的全球純素烘培義賣又來囉!我們很榮幸今年能與 「水花園有機農夫市集」攜手合辦這場結合公益、愛心以及美食的活動。It’s a Vegan Affair 每年都有一場義賣活動,目的是推廣素食飲食文化以及動物福利公益團體,以獲得更多社會關注,投入更多資源。活動今年已經邁入了第三屆,在大家熱鬧的一併討論決定後,今年除了有好吃的甜點蛋糕外,熱食小吃也將一起加入義賣的行列,共同打造台灣首創,規模最大的純素美食市集!!

︱地點:地點:水花園有機農夫市集(台北市思源街1號自來水園區水霧花園 / 公館捷運站 (4號出口)5分鐘
▍時間:5/20| 10AM - 5PM

How will you show your love on 520? Save the date and join us at Water Garden Organic Farmers’ Market for Taiwan’s first vegan food festival that combines cuisine, compassion, and charity into one amazing day!

This is the third year for Taipei to participate in the World Wide Vegan Bake Sale, a global event that gives back to local charity groups promoting veganism and animal welfare. Due to enthusiastic demand this year our event will feature savory foods to create Taiwan’s first and largest plant-based gastronomic experience.

Date: 5/20 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location: Water Garden Organic Farmers’ Market (5 minute walk from GongGuan MRT Station, exit 4 )

Amount Raised on 626 我們一起為了公益團體募款的金額!

6/26 一年一度的 全球純素烘培義賣
6/26 Second Annual Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale!

全球純素烘焙義賣活動在台北已經堂堂邁入第二年,而本年度募得的款項超越新台幣二十萬元!非常感謝各位對於慈善公益 (嚮光協會,瑪麗的動物協, 台灣動物協會) 的支持!而單是透過烘焙製作純素的布朗尼、餅乾、香蕉麵包,我們就可以削減超過五百顆雞蛋, 41KG奶油,和無數牛奶、起司等動物副產品的使用。


This is our second year to host the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale in Taipei and we are looking at figures that exceed 200,000 NT / $6,200 USD! Thank you so much for your support for charities Bright Side Projects 臺灣嚮光協會, Mary’s Doggies, Animals Taiwan! Just on our end of baking brownies, cookies, and banana breads, we have cut the use of over 520 eggs, 182 cups (41KG) of butter.

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誰素第一名?! Who is number one?!

投票!Click here!

We’re going to take a vote of the best of the best vegan items in Taipei! This survey will run until the end of March 2016 and we will announce winning restaurants around April. There will be a random drawing for participants, with winner receiving 500NT ordering credit for one of Vegan Affair’s future bake sales or credit at a Taipei based vegan eatery.

All places nominated must be vegan or vegetarian. All nominated dishes must be vegan. This means no animal byproduct, no eggs, no milk, no honey. Please, only ONE vote per person.

我們將舉辦台北最佳純素食品票選,這項問卷的實施將至2016年三月底旬截止,我們會於四月左右公布票選結果,並抽取幾位幸運的填答者,贈送他們價值NT$500的兌換卷(可選擇於Vegan Affair下次舉辦的烘焙義賣中兌換,或至我們指定的店家兌換)。


2015 "It's A Vegan Affair" Best of the Best! 就素第一名!

投票 Vote

2015 全球純素日:就素愛吃素- 台北地圖

World Vegan Day: Taipei Plant-Based Love Map

testveganchop十月份中有兩週,台北七家最棒的蔬食餐廳加入我們舉辦的「為愛而吃」活動,並且大方捐出其中部份營收給公益團體。這個活動為店家帶來的所有收益為新台幣七萬元。Ooh Cha Cha 更提供場地做義賣,產品內容有萬聖節糖果及烘焙產品,包括10/18號清泉的孩子製作的手工純素糖果。義賣所得新台幣兩萬三千五百零三元也將捐給公益團體 台灣動物協會 Animals Taiwan +Bright Side Projects 臺灣嚮光協會

瞭解更多:台北就素愛吃素/ 下載地圖

For two weeks in October seven of Taipei’s best plant-base establishments have gotten behind our last minute “Eat for Love” campaign to donate a generous percentage of proceeds to charities. Combined, close to 100 visits totaling 70,000NT in revenue were brought to the stores. Along with the proceeds from our mini Halloween candy and bake sale that took place at Ooh Cha Cha, with vegan candy made by the children of ChingChuan on 10/18, 23,503 NT will be donated to charities.

Post Report:為愛而吃-eat-for-love-thanks/
Head here for more details:台北就素愛吃素Download Map

地圖設計師 Map Creation: HaiChen Hsu

Total NTD Raised for Charity 募款金額

Total NTD Raised for Charity 募款金額

“It’s A Vegan Affair” x Runivore 奇亞子烘培慈善活動 Chia Creations Charity Sale

It’s A Vegan Affair很開心受到RUNIVORE 的邀請,我們將一起同樂於丹尼一日音樂節:愛與和平世界紀念 我們將使用RUNIVORE 高品質的奇亞子來製造烘培系列的商品。 全部的收益我們將捐贈至台灣動物協會、臺灣嚮光協會!

We are so excited that RUNIVORE invited “It’s A Vegan Affair” to join them at the Daniel Pearl Day of Music this year! Runivore’s high quality chia seeds will be featured specially created and baked plant-based goods.  All proceeds to benefit Animals Taiwan and Bright Side Projects.
Read our post report!
Read up on our Benefactors for this time:

It's A Vegan Affair joins the WorldWide Vegan Bake Sale!

Taipei’s first foray into the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale was a smashing success, exceeding all expectations, raising $126,906 NT in total sales and donations. The proceeds will be split evenly and go onto benefit 台灣動物協會 Animals Taiwan and Bright Side Projects 臺灣嚮光協會 so they will be able to engage in more good deeds at the local community level.


閱讀報告! Read and see more here!

NTD Raised for Charity 募款金額

Number of Affairs 聚會次數


Most of our past get-togethers are home-cooked potlucks alternatively hosted in different people’s dinner tables. We also dine together in delicious eateries throughout the city. Our events are open to everyone from all nationalities. We believe in community bonding over food, sharing, and making plant-based meals affordable and accessible. Whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan, let’s make something positive happen.



Much more in the works! Interviews, recipes, who knows? Join our Facebook or sign up for more updates. 您能直接聯絡協會或者註冊純素烘焙義賣網站會員得到最新的動訊息: 或加入我們的臉書粉絲頁

Next event! 下一次的活動!